Coconut Pulao Recipe – Good As None Other

There are a few dishes with as abundant affection as a pulao. A pulao artlessly reminds one of the affluent traditions of age-old India, and is a basin as adorable as none other.

Check out the Attic pulao recipe. You are abiding to adulation it and the basin is top on aftertaste and diet as well.

It is a accomplished change to try out at home, or serve for parties as well!



Preparation Time: 4 minutes

Cooking Time: 6 minutes

Serves 2


1 cup Basmati rice

1 onion, sliced

2 cloves

25 mm. (1″) stick cinnamon

2 blooming cardamoms

1/4 cup blooming peas

1 carrot, sliced

1 cup blubbery attic milk

2 tbsp cashew nuts, absurd lightly

1 tsp butter

1 tsp oil

Salt to taste

The next basin in this articulation of ‘Cooking Under 10 Minutes’ is ‘Coconut Pulao’.

Pulao (rice dish) is actual acclaimed in India.

There ability be over 200 variations of the Pulao.

Today, we are traveling to accomplish ‘Coconut milk Pulao.’

Let’s analysis out the ingredients

Oil, Butter, Cloves, Stick Cinnamon, Blooming Cardamoms, Lemon, Broken Onion, Blooming Peas, Broken Carrot, Basmati Rice, Attic Milk, Grated Coconut, Chopped Coriander, Cashewnuts, Alkali to taste

Now let’s analysis out the procedure.

Firstly, let’s yield a burden cooker.

Add one tablespoon oil and one tablespoon butter.

We are application the oil, adulate aggregate so that the adulate does not get charred.

We accept to add 2-3 cloves, a baby stick of cinnamon, 2 blooming cardamoms.

We accept to baker it in hot oil for 15-20 seconds.

Now we will add a cup of broken onions.

Generally, we sauté onions appropriate till they are aureate amber while advancing pulao.

But not while authoritative the ‘Coconut Milk Pulao’.

We accept to accomplish them translucent.

The onions accept now angry translucent.

Now we will add bisected a cup of blooming peas and bisected a cup of broken carrots.

Now let’s add in Basmati Rice and bisected a basin of attic milk.

Add in Cashew basics and alkali to taste.

We accept to saute the rice with attic milk for 10-15 abnormal on low flame.

Now the rice is accurately done.

Now we will add in 1 1/2 cup of pre above water.

We now charge to alter the lid on to the cooker and baker it for just one whistle.

And the Pulao would be ready.

We can now yield the Pulao in a confined basin and add some adulate on to the top.

The adorable attic pulao is ready!

Choose to adornment it with chopped coriander and pieces of coconut.